We are getting closer to our June 27, 2017 release date for The Doggy Bag Devotional, which will be available in both soft cover and e-book formats. I’m also currently in the process of building a website that will be in support of the devotional, as well as being used for all future blog posts. Once this website is operational, I’ll be closing down the ‘Reloaded’ site. However, just prior, I’ll let you know so you can get onto the new website and subscribe to all future blog posts there.



Here’s another tasty snack from The Doggy Bag Devotional: Reverse the Verse

Through out the devotional are what are called ‘Reverse the Verse’ scriptures. These are specific verses used as part of the weekly theme, that have been re-worded into an opposite tense of the original verse. The meaning of the verse has not been changed, just put into a different perspective. This is a great tool in helping to grasp a better understanding of what God is desiring to communicate to us. Why? Because, we all don’t process information the same. For some of us, what ‘clicks’ are the words used in the original text, but for others, they are able to grasp the scripture better when it’s ‘viewed’ from a different angle, ie. the opposite one. Here’s an example, using Psalm 23:1-3

Reverse the Verse:

 Original text from the NLT.

‘The Lord is my shepherd; I have all that I need. He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams. He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.’

 By Rephrasing Above Verse to Opposite Tense, Verse Could Read:

‘If the Lord is not my shepherd, I won’t have all I need. I won’t be led by Him to green meadows or to peaceful streams. My strength will fade. I won’t be shown the right ways to go and I won’t live a life that honors God.’

 So, how does the ‘opposite tense’ version of Psalm 23:1-3 give you a different viewpoint of the scripture compared to the original? ‘The Lord is my shepherd’… so this is what happens’ verses ‘If the Lord is not my shepherd… then this is what will happen’.

Be blessed as you take the next steps today in discovering how much God really loves you and the purpose he has for your life.

  1. Wow! That one can make you really appreciate God! Sometimes we don’t realize the blessings bestowed upon us, until we realize what it would be like without Him. 😇 Blessings!

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