Front Cover FBSome of you know that along with my periodic blog posts, I’ve also been working on a writing project for awhile now. I’m super excited to share that I’m coming close to completion. The Doggy Bag Devotional will soon be released!

This devotional is for those, like myself, who can struggle at times with Bible reading retention, comprehension, and life application? Or possibly, you’re just short on time? Maybe you’ve even given up on reading the Bible altogether because you can’t seem to “get into it.”

The Doggy Bag Devotional is a simple, fun and effective way to help us get a grasp on God’s Word and how it applies to our day-to-day lives. It’s filled with 52 “everyday life” lessons; studied one week at a time from multiple perspectives as the week progresses. With just 5-15 minutes a day, you can study each weekly theme through God’s Word using different “angles,” such as:

  1. Keyword definitions (Greek/Hebrew)
  2. Use of multiple Bible translations
  3. Gleaning God’s nature/character from Scripture
  4. A “Genesis to Revelation” view of the topic
  5. Personal reflective questions

It’s certain to provide an opportunity for God to use His Word to shape you and lead you into the full life He intended. Each day you’ll be encouraged and challenged to dig deeper into your own life; strengthening your personal relationships with God and those around you.

 The Doggy Bag Devotional is an efficient and effective approach to getting into God’s Word every day as you grow in your understanding of how much you are truly loved.

I am currently in the process of developing a website in support of the devotional. I’ll let you know when the website and book are ready to go. Should be in the next 30 days or so.

Thank you for the encouragement that many of you have provided along the way. I’m excited to see how God will use The Doggy Bag Devotional to help draw people into a deeper relationship with him.

~ Brian A. Hetzer


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