Perspective: Greenlight

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Perspective
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GreenlightSome years ago, I spent some time helping a local dog rescue organization foster and find ‘forever’ homes for dogs that had been abandoned or were runaways. I remember one particular dog that was found wandering on the side of a busy street. This poor thing was tired, thirsty, hungry and scared, but no matter how hard we tried to coax it to safety (us), it was reluctant. We tried treats, food, water, talking nice, etc.; all to no avail. We could tell that the dog wanted what we had to offer, but it was too afraid to get close enough to allow us to help.  It would bark at us, crouch low, slowly walking and sniffing toward our outstretched treats, then just before it reached us it would turn and run; fearful and not confident that our food and safety was what it wanted and needed. After the dog felt it was a safe distance away, it would turn around and start back toward us again, repeating the same routine.

This scenario is a similar example of what we sometimes do as people with God. We want to believe that He is kind, merciful and loving; that the purpose and plans He has for us are good, but too often we are reluctant and fearful to allow ourselves to fully engage our ‘calling’, our purpose or simply to be obedient to what we believe He is asking of us. Why do we do this? We are not fully convinced or sure what God’s will or direction is for us. We desire it, but like the dog in the story above, we too can play a back and forth game with God of getting close then running away.  We would position ourselves in a place of significant progress if we lived each day with a mindset of seeking God first for His direction and guidance before proceeding with any major decisions, especially those that have the potential for a significant life change. Once we feel we have that ‘green light’, we move in faith, taking each step, trusting what God gave us the ‘go’ to do. When we do this it –

  1. Gives us assurance to take the next step, knowing God has given us the ‘green light’. (James 1:5-8)
  2. Builds our confidence knowing that if God said ‘Go’, He will guide, even if we are not quite sure how it’s all going to work out. (Hebrews 11:6, Isaiah 26:3)
  3. Establishes our ‘resource pool’. If God is behind our venture, we can be sure He will provide everything we need to make it happen. (Matthew 6:33)
  4. Strengthens us for the ‘battle’ ahead. We know that in the pursuit of reaching our goals, there will be challenges we’ll face. Knowing God is in our ‘corner’ will encourage us to persevere, to endure and to fight the good fight. (Philippians 4:13)
  5. We are able to focus on the promise. If God says it will happen, it will happen… maybe not in the time frame we’d like it too, but it will happen. God’s timing is always perfect. (Acts 5:39-40)
  6. Blows our mind. We can guarantee that whatever God is up too through you and I, it will be far bigger than us; with an intent to invest in and build others up. And it will come with a greater impact than we could ever imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

With that kind of assurance, why would we try to build our life’s foundation on anything else than His ‘green lights’. Even if we are not fully sure of what ‘tomorrow’ may look like, that’s okay. If we know we have a ‘go’ for today… then let’s move today. Doing this would probably save ourselves lots wasted time, energy and effort, not to mention reduced stress and anxiety.

Let’s not live like the fearful and unsure dog, but rather like people who place our confidence not in the end result, the tangible or what will or will not come, but rather in the God who loves us, is for us and it always encouraging us to simply trust Him.


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