Perspective: Doggy Bag Devotional

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Perspective
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Doggy BagI am excited to announce that I am in the process of writing a unique devotional, dedicated to helping people like myself who struggle with making their Bible reading as effective and life applicable as it could be. I’m calling it ‘The Doggy Bag Devotional’. Let me explain.

I don’t know if it’s my (advancing) age, my seemingly busy schedule or what, but I find that I often have a difficult time retaining what I read, especially if I read it only once. I really do want to grasp, comprehend and apply what I am reading, but I’ve found that I’ve needed to read the same thing multiple times, maybe even from different ‘angles’ or perspectives to truly grasp what I’m reading. As frustrating at times this has been for me, I’ve learned a few things along the way that has proven to help me to not only retain and understand, but also how to apply what I read to my day to day life.

Over the last several years or so, I’ve often found myself taking lots of notes during the Pastor’s Sunday morning messages, then ‘feeding’ off them throughout the week. Each morning I’d read a different verse from the sermon, maybe reading the entire chapter surrounding a verse he used or reading a verse from several different translations and looking up definitions of words to grasp a deeper meaning. I’d scour the scriptures and the accompanying message notes for little ‘morsels’ of goodness that I could apply to my life. I ‘coined’ this my ‘Doggy-Bag principle’ – getting my ‘main course’ on Sunday morning and taking home a ‘doggy bag’ of notes to spiritually nourish myself throughout the week. It works! In fact, not only does it work, but it has worked great! I’ve definitely seen spiritual growth in myself. And unless I’m mistaken… that’s the goal!

I will be utilizing the Perspective blogs that I continue to write as the foundational subject matter/weekly ‘main courses’ and fusing my ‘Doggy Bag principle’ in with them to create this simple, 52 week, life changing devotional. My hope with The Doggy Bag Devotional is that it will help us dig deeper into God’s Word for our life, fall in love with God’s Word all over again… or maybe even for the first time.

Bible reading is not a necessarily meant to be a feeding frenzy. It’s much better to ‘eat’ slowly , ‘chew’ and ‘digest’, so that the ‘nutrients’ of God’s Word can be absorbed and applied to our life.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback and input as to what has worked for you. Whether it’s a text book, a manual or the Bible, what have you done personally that has helped you retain, understand and apply what you read? I want to make sure that what I put together is easy to use, grabs and sustains our interest, is intriguing and life changing. Thank you!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Write the vision and make it plain that he may run who reads it…’ – Hab 2:2

  1. Debra Hetzer says:

    So proud and excited for you Brian. I’m personally looking forward to this devotion. I know it will be fun to read and will help me think about different perspectives growing closer to God. I love seeing how the Lord is working through you. I love you!

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