Perspective: Complete

Posted: August 4, 2015 in Perspective
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CompleteRemember the scene in Jerry Maquire, when Tom Cruise says, “You complete me’ and she responds with, ‘Shut up… you had me at hello.” An all the ladies said, “Ahhhh…’ A match made in ‘heaven’, right?

Did you know there is a true match ‘made in heaven’ that many of us unfortunately miss out on?

In my last post, ‘A Million Bucks’, I wrote how crazy it would be to be given a million dollars and not use it for something awesome. In the same fashion, God’s given us faith/belief in Him and His son Jesus, yet unfortunately many of us don’t do anything with it. We leave the ‘sword’ in the sheath, the ‘tool’ in the toolbox, the car in the garage…

Imagine for a moment ‘Purpose & Obedience’ staring into the eyes of ‘Faith & Belief’ and saying, “You complete me.’ Now that’s a powerful, unstoppable match made in heaven.

You see, he (Abraham) was trusting God so much that he was willing to do whatever God told him to; his faith was made complete by what he did—by his actions…’ – James 2:22


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