Perspective: Muscles – pt. 2

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Perspective
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helping others‘It’s lonely at the top’ is true for those who have an unhealthy view of what achieving goals is all about.

Most of the pieces of equipment I use at the gym have a diagram showing the primary and also the secondary muscles that particular machine works. I can’t think of a single machine that only lists a ‘primary’ muscle group without a secondary one it needs to accomplish the exercise. God’s intention in our own lives is similar. When he ‘wired’ us with specific dreams and goals, it was never for us to try and use our ‘muscles’ independent of others. If our goals and dreams are only about us, it will surely be lonely ‘at the top’ and we will have missed the meaning/purpose of our lives – to use our ‘muscles’ to help others reach their goals. Because in doing so, we find that miraculously our own goals are also reached in the process of helping someone else reach theirs. And the ‘cherry on top’… when we’ve accomplished our goals, there will be lots of people there to celebrate with us and us with them. It’s truly about being able to rejoice in other’s blessings and they rejoicing in ours.

How do I start this journey you may ask? Find someone you can sincerely say to, ‘Let me help you by doing what I’m good at, so you can do what you’re good at.’ Yep, it’s that simple.

‘Be happy with those who are happy…’ – Romans 12:15


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