Perspective: 80%

Posted: April 16, 2015 in Perspective
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Perspective: 80%


It is estimated that 80% of us that consider ourselves part of a local church have no idea what our purpose or role is in our church. We assume that it’s our pastor’s ‘job’ to fill most if not all the necessary roles in a church.

What if 80% of our own body parts, organs, etc. didn’t know what their unique function was and just defaulted to our brain, foot or nose to carry the weight of daily tasks? That’s a pretty scary visual! Can you say ‘dysfunctional’ and in most cases ‘dead’.

The next step after calling a church ‘home’ is to find out what supporting role we’re uniquely ‘wired’ for to help our church ‘body’ function efficiently and effectively.

‘It was he who “gave gifts to people”; he appointed some to be apostles, others to be prophets, others to be evangelists, others to be pastors and teachers. He did this to prepare all God’s people for the work of Christian service, in order to build up the body of Christ.’ -Eph 4:11-12


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