Fender Redondo CE (finish cracks)- $160The other day, like other days before, I took my nearly new Fender acoustic-electric guitar down to Columbia Park to find a place along the river to play. I pulled the guitar from its case and began the process of tuning it, when I noticed what looked like a hairline crack coming from one corner of the pre-amp. My heart began to race as I looked closer, only to confirm that there was about an 8” hairline crack! Freak out!! I began inspecting the rest of the guitar; only to find another crack all the way across the back of the body! At this point, I am near meltdown mode! (For those of you who own an acoustic guitar, I’m sure you can feel me here!).  I’ve had this guitar since it was brand new 6 months prior and I was scheduled to show it to a guy in about 3 hours who wanted to buy it from me. I was trying to make sense of the cracks and wrestle with a million different reasons why this could have happened! Grrrr!

As I looked at the cracks again, maybe sub-consciously hoping I was just seeing things, the Lord spoke to me… this guitar is like you Brian… originally designed perfect – without a blemish.  But life has a way of causing unsightly ‘cracks’ and undesirable ‘damage’, not only to this guitar, but in you as well. But you my child, though no longer in ‘mint’ condition due to sin and choices, you can choose today to live your life in such a way that will still create the most wonderful music to My ears.’ Your ‘cracks’ are what you make of them. See them as giving your ‘music maker’ character in which to make the most beautiful of ‘life songs’.

I picked up that guitar, said ‘Lord, I am disappointed that the guitar is damaged, but if You can make ‘music’ thru me, surely a ‘cracked’ vessel, then I surely can take this cracked guitar and do the same.’ I played it for about an hour; tears flowing at times reflecting on the goodness of God.

Guitar with rocksAs I was packing up to leave, my eyes locked onto a few large rocks that were a few yards in front of me. Again, I was reminded of the scripture from Luke 19, where Jesus is rebuking the Pharisees for wanting Him to quiet His disciples. Jesus replied, ‘… if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.’ When I don’t feel worthy, strong enough or capable… as long as the ‘music’ of my life is such that the rocks never have to ‘cry out’ when I’m around… I’m golden! Lord, may I Rock On for You… today and every day!

Oh, and as for the guitar, the guy bought it anyway. He said that the cracks appeared to be in the finish only and that wasn’t a deal breaker. Then he looked at me and said, “I think we’re fine. The cracks just show that’s it’s been used and gives it character anyway.’ Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness!






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