chocolate cake

A random thought today…

Success in life is much like making a chocolate cake… it’s all in the ingredients:

Flour – is like knowing Jesus personally. It’s the most important ingredient to success. Without Jesus and without flour, all we are left with is one big sloppy mess!

Sugar – is like giving and receiving forgiveness. Probably the next key ingredient in a life lived well. Like making a cake without sugar, a life without forgiveness results in bitterness.

Salt – is like a little ‘pinch’ of hope. Sometimes, all you need is a little hope to keep your dreams ‘preserved’.cake flour

Baking Soda – is like faith. If we don’t believe in something, we will fall for anything. Like a cake without baking soda will not rise, a life without faith is flat.

Cocoa – is like our individual uniqueness. There are lots of different kinds/flavors of cakes and each one is unique to it’s creator… just like God created each of us uniquely to the purpose and plan He designed for our lives.

Vinegar – is like our tongue/voice. Like vinegar, our speech can do lots of different things. The key is learning how best to use it and when. Vinegar is an important part of making sweet cakes, but it can also be used for making a volcano!

Oil – is like having a positive attitude. it just makes all the other ‘life ingredients’ work together smoothly and minimizes the bumps.

Vanilla – is like a smile at the right time. A little goes a long way and it just makes everything a bit sweeter!

Water – is like love. Sometimes, we want to give up and move on because we figure the ‘grass in greener on the other side.’ The truth is, the grass is only green where we choose to water it. As grass needs water to be green, our relationships need love to grow and flourish too.

Eggs – are like our heart. They can have a hard shell on the outside that’s protecting the goodness on the inside. But that ‘goodness’ can never come out until we allow our ‘hard shell’ to be cracked.

Nuts – are like those crazy people in our lives that give our life some ‘texture’ and ‘substance’. Yes, they are a little ‘nutty’, but we need them… they are healthy for us and in the end, we are glad they are there (well, most of the time).

cake - batter

So, just like making a ‘to die for’ chocolate cake is dependent upon using the right ingredients, living a successful life has much to do with what ‘ingredients’ we are allowing into our ‘mixing bowl’.


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