Diggin’ In – Psalms 91: live in the shadow

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Diggin' In to Psalms 91
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ImageDiggin’ In – Psalms 91: live in the shadow

Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.’ – verse 1

I love how this chapter starts – laying out a foundation by which the rest of the chapter will build upon. But it is important that we grasp the magnitude of this first verse before we can move on to seeing the truths and promises of the rest of the chapter come alive in our lives.

Let’s take a deeper look into a few of the words:

  1. Those who‘ – this implies an individual choice to do something… that most likely not everyone will do.
  2. ‘live‘ – the root word here is ‘dwell’; an action word meaning to stay, sit and remain. Again, it’s a choice we make.
  3. shelter‘ – meaning a hiding place of protection.
  4. rest‘ – root definition is to ‘safely pass the night’
  5. shadow‘ – meaning a covering, shield and defense, like shade from the heat.

So, if we take our deeper definitions and put them into the verse, we could get something like this:

‘Those who sit and remain in God’s hiding place of protection will safely pass through the night under the covering, shield and defense of the Almighty Himself.’

I love that! In short, as we contend with and are challenged by life’s hardships and difficulties, if we want to live covered, blessed and protected by the cross of Christ, we have to remain there and not run from it. It is never a healthy place to be when we run from the protection and safety that God has established for us.

Personally, I’m challenged with the word ‘live’. Why? I don’t sit still very well. Sometimes it’s a challenge for me to ‘sit, stay and remain’ in His presence. But I do recognize how much more so must I be determined to discipline myself to sit and remain in God’s hiding place of protection.

Jesus, thank you for your immense grace as you continue to encourage me to draw nearer to you; helping me to stay there. Amen.


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