wheat farming plowing

I live in SE Washington. Our region is one of the world’s largest producers of wheat. Thousands and thousands of acres of fields for as far as the eye can see. I’ve driven by these fields on occasion and have seen farmers out on their large tractors. In the middle of empty fields – plowing, mulching and tilling… row after row after row. I’ve often thought that that must be some of the most boring and mind numbing work; not to mention all that time, energy and resources with no guarantee of any harvest to come.

Recently though, I was again reminded of these fields as I read 2 Corinthians 9:10 – ‘God provides seed to the sower… and He makes it grow to produce a bountiful harvest.’ Notice how this says that God gives the seed and He makes it grow. The interesting thing is that this verse is missing a very important part of the growing/harvesting process – the plowing and soil preparation.  This verse explains God’s part… the seed giver and the grower. The plowing and field preparation is our part.

We’ve all had times when we’ve felt like our dreams… even our God-given visions seem so far away. We get excited and passionate about what we see is to come and then the unplanned delays… the painful waiting. Frustration and dissatisfaction can set in. We can question all the resources and hard work we are putting in, but not seeing much in term of ‘fruit’ from our efforts. May the lonely wheat farmer, alone out on his wheat fields tillingtractor in the midst of dry and empty fields be an encouragement and example for us. The farmer knows that he must commit the time, effort, resources and energy into properly preparing the fields for the seeds that will soon be planted. The farmer uses his knowledge, experience and resources to prepare the soil, giving those seeds the best opportunity to grow and produce a bountiful harvest.

Our dreams and goals are just like those seeds. They need well prepared ‘soil’ to grow and be all they were intended to be. This preparation phase can be the most difficult, but also is the most important. We can’t rush the process. We can’t push them to ‘grow’ before their time. But, we can do our part and diligently work to prepare the ‘soil’ of our hearts and lives to ready them for the ‘seed’. How do we do this? Below are what I believe to be five important keys to success:

  1. Every God-given ‘seed’ requires a God-nurtured ‘field’ to properly grow. We create this field by spending daily time reading His Word (and doing what it says), praying to Him (and listening) and getting plugged into a Christ-centered church (and allowing our God-given gifts and talents be used and developed there). These are mulching rich organic material – like adding ‘Miracle Grow’ to our ‘soil’! (Psalm 92:12-15, Psalm 1: 1-6, 2 Peter 1:5-8)
  2. Know that trials and struggles will come as you move forward in the process. These aren’t times to quit, but rather develop a heart of endurance and perseverance (James 1:2-4).  God’s got your back. It’s His plan and purpose. He’s just asking us to do our part. There are times when the wheat farmer, plowing his field hits a rock or an obstruction he wasn’t expecting. He doesn’t quit plowing the field. He just stops plowing for a time in order to make the necessary adjustments to remove the obstacle; then continues preparing his fields (Galations 6:9)
  3. Understand that sacrifice and risk are a necessary part of the process. Remember our example of the wheat farmer. He ‘sacrifices’ his time, energies and resources to prepare his soil, even before the first seed is ever planted and sprouts. And sometimes this process requires him to get dirty. But, it is a ‘risk’ he is willing to take because he knows that after he has done all he can do to get the soil ready, he trusts God to make it grow (Acts 5:38-39)
  4. Build a team. Look for people who share your same/similar vision. There is power in numbers. More can be accomplished ‘together’ than alone. God intentionally created us ‘incomplete’ without others. In ourselves, we don’t possess all the gifts, talents, knowledge and abilities needed to bring our vision to a reality. We need the help of others who have our same common vision, but bring different abilities to the team. Jesus spoke of the team effort when He said, “Where two or more are gathered in my name, so I am there in their midst.’ (Mat 18:20).Wheat - building dreams
  5. Speak out your vision (positively) as the opportunity presents itself. Talking about your vision with others provides the opportunity to network your thoughts and ideas. You never know what vital connections God is working on your behalf. ‘The tongue…  sets on fire the entire course of our existence…’ (James 3:6).

wheat - sheaves

My hope and prayer is that your God-given ‘seeds’… the visions and dreams that stir in your heart will find well prepared, nurtured and nutrient rich ‘soil’ in which to be planted. It is there in the ‘garden’ of your life that God wants to cultivate your dreams; producing amazing ‘fruit’ for the incredible purposes that He has created you for.

Do something every day that brings you closer to your dreams!

  1. Rhonda says:

    This was good, right where I am at this time in my life.

    • brian hetzer says:

      Thank you for sharing Rhonda! I think it’s where a lot of us are. It’s a never ending process… a farmer doesn’t just harvest one crop from his field. Each new season brings with it a fresh plowing.

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