As we pass through Christmas 2011, I am reminded of the classic holiday cartoon, Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Most of us know the gist of the story – Charlie Brown is tasked by Lucy to go pick out the perfect Christmas tree and out of all the ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect’ trees he could have chosen, Charlie Brown chose the most scrawny, poor, sorry excuse for a Christmas tree there ever was.  All he would say was, “This one looks like it needs a home.” Initially, all of his friends made fun of him, including his ‘best friend’ Snoopy – ‘Charlie Brown, you blockhead!” But in the end, it was what Charlie Brown thought of that tree that made it the most beautiful and perfect Christmas tree to him and everyone who saw it. This popular story reminds me that really, who I am has very little to do with my shortcomings, weaknesses and ‘not good enough’s (real or perceived). But rather, who I am is primarily defined by who ‘chose’ me, who I belong too and what He thinks of me.  It’s the perspective that matters.

In Mark Batterson’s book, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, he pens, “I have a theory – the more problems you have, the more opportunities you will have you help others.” Makes me ponder the incredible love of God; that He not only can use a ‘cracked pot’ like me, but that He would actually want too. To be happy and have great joy in our weaknesses is tough to do most of the time – primarily because we compare ourselves to others way too much. I am sure if it could have talked, that little Christmas tree, nervously shaking off the few needles left on it’s scrawny branches, would have been questioning Charlie Brown’s sane decision to pick it over all the other much more ‘qualified’ trees. I think at times in our own lives, we’ve all felt like that feeble little tree. I am sure glad that God doesn’t choose based upon comparisons with others. Remember the story of young David? Talk about God’s perspective versus man’s, when picking Israel’s next king.  David wasn’t anyone’s first choice… except for God’s; who’s perspective was all that really mattered anyway.  2 Corinthians 2:10, Paul writes, “It is not those who say they are good who are accepted, but those the Lord thinks are good.”

(Again, we must be careful how we assess those around us.  We look at people and think we know who God will use and what He will do with them.  Friend, you never know!  God often passes over the ones others would choose and calls those we would never have imagined.  God excels in taking nobodies and making some bodies out of them!  When God went after a man after His Own heart, He did not go to the palaces, the temples or the places of influence, wealth and power.  God chose the most unlikely person in the most unlikely of places.  The key to being used of Him is possessing the right kind of heart!)

excerpt from – testament/1 Sam 16_1-13.htm

Jesus, help me stay focused on you and your view of me – regardless of what is going on around me, my own weaknesses (real or perceived) and my shortcomings as a husband, father and follower of Christ. Help me to see the joy in my weaknesses – especially when it comes to things that I feel I am supposed to learn and do, but struggle to understand and grasp at times. Lord, help me to see your ‘perfect power’ at work in my life. Let your grace alone always be the focus of my perspective. Amen!

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