Can You Love Too Much?

The other day, my wife asked me an interesting question – “Is it possible to tell someone that you love them too much… could I show weakness by saying ‘I love you’ too many times in one day… in one week… or in one lifetime?”  My quick and immediate response was “Of course not!”  I will have to admit though that my first thought was – is she trying to tell me something?  My wife almost knowing that would be my response smiled and calmly replied, “Ok – why?

I thought about it for a few moments.  It made me think of an old story where a wife asked her husband, “Dear, how come you never tell me that you love me?”  His immediate response back to her was, “Well, I look at it this way.  I told you on our wedding day 15 years ago that I loved you.  If anything changes, I’ll surely let you know.” Somehow, I think that poor fellow missed the point!

What I told my wife was this… as long as it is genuine and sincere, there can never be a ‘quota’ on love.  God shows the immense love that He has for me frequently… every day.  Sometimes He whispers into my spirit, ‘Brian I love you,” sometimes it’s helping me to see the beauty around me that He’s created for me – my family, my surroundings, my friends, etc.  Often, He tells me his love for me through the grace and forgiveness He extends my way… and boy do I surely need that daily!  He tells me His love for me by providing for me exceedingly and abundantly more than I could ever think, imagine or ask.  God tells me his love for me by continually transforming this ‘beautiful mess’ into His work of art and taking my dysfunctional story and making it His own (and all God stories have an awesome ending!!).   These are just to name a few of the ways that He shows His incredible love for me.

Ok, so that’s God, but what about us? What should our love response be to those around us? In John 13:34, Jesus instructed his followers “Love one another as I have loved you.” If I genuinely and sincerely love my wife (and I most definitely do), then my love response back to her is going to be frequent (just as God’s is to me).  I most surely don’t want her to ever forget how much I really love her!  I also believe little can truly compete with the words that I speak to her; in telling her daily that I love her. I should (and do) things for her to ‘show’ her and compliment my ‘love’ words, but I know that above all else, she loves to hear me say it!

May our love for those around us… especially those most important to us be spoken, shown and displayed daily!

The faithful love of the Lord never ends. His mercies never cease.

Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning!

Lamentations 3:22-23

  1. Thank you Brian, that was a very nice answer. I love U! XOXO

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