Everything Beautiful –

As I was driving to work this morning praying, I chose not to go down my usual ‘list’ of prayer points, but instead focus the majority of my time just praising God.  At the same time, as I watched the sun began to rise above the ridge and brighten the early morning sky with a brilliant array of colors, the Lord dropped into my spirit, Ecclesiastes 3:11 – The Lord makes everything beautiful in His time. It brought tears to my eyes as I thought about my own life and the ‘beauty’ that God has created out of some pretty intense and dysfunctional messes. I was reminded that just an hour or so prior, I probably couldn’t have even seen that ridge for it was covered in complete darkness – the nighttime still had a firm ‘grip’ on the landscape. But, just as Ecclesiastes says, God will always bring beauty to everything… in His time. I’m so thankful for a God who loves me and so faithfully draws from a well of grace that never runs dry.  He has surely caused the sun (the Son) to be lifted high in the sky in the midst of my ‘nighttimes’; turned my seemingly endless darkness into brilliant arrays of beauty for all the world to see. Only God, through Jesus Christ can do something so amazing as this! 

Have a blessed day as you rejoice in your own life – redeemed, sanctified and made new through the saving, life-giving blood of Jesus Christ!



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