The Calloused Heart – part 2 of 3: God crops

Posted: May 6, 2011 in The Calloused Heart
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The Calloused Heart

Part 2 – God Crops

Author Scott Peck opens his classic book “The Road Less Travelled” with the following phrase: “Life is difficult.”  The line works because it is so true. Life is not easy, yes – but life can be especially harsh if we don’t, or won’t, or can’t move move passed the difficulties, challenges and darkness and see the light that is trying to shine through us.  But moving on requires more than simply getting a shovel and burying the past.  And men, I think we all can agree, are typically fairly handy when it comes to using that particular shovel. We’d simply rather not talk about it, and that turns out to be the very worst we could ever do.
 A hurtful past may include failed relationships, war, bullying in school, abusive parents, poverty, discrimination, disappointment, bankruptcy, the loss of a parent, rejection, wrong choices – or a combination of  things. Whatever the hurt, a way forward is always possible if we truly desire the healing and are willing to take the necessary steps to help bring it about.  But, doing nothing however, will inevitably cause our hearts to become calloused; bringing with it some pretty serious consequences.  Here are a few –

  1. keep me from understanding God’s Word
  2. keep me from seeing others, circumstances and situations through God’s eyes
  3. keep me from receiving God’s healing
  4. keep me from being ‘fruitful’ – doing what God has created and called me to do and be

In Matthew 13:23, Jesus continues by saying –

But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

Jesus makes it clear that the only way we produce “God crops” – doing the things that are beneficial and fall in line to what He has created and called us to do and be – is to not just ‘hear’ the Word, but also understand it and know how to apply it to our lives.  People with calloused hearts have a very difficult time being who God created them to be.  I can tell you from personal experience the immense frustration and desperation that can plague your mind when you get to a place in your life when you have this overwhelming feeling that you’ve missed your calling, your purpose and your mission – that haunting thought that you have ‘worked so hard’ but have very little to show for many seemingly wasted years. This is what happens when we allow our hearts to become calloused. The truth is – you don’t hear many people saying, “Wow that guy seems really coldhearted, mean and stubborn, but hey, look at all the great things God is doing in Him and through Him!”  It just doesn’t happen.

It truly saddens me when I see people who say they believe in Jesus, but looking at their lives, there is little to show for it – not much in the area of ‘God crops’. The ‘fields’ look pretty dry and sparse. Unfortunately, in many situations, somewhere along the way they’ve allowed their hearts to become calloused.  Life can surely bring challenges, difficulties and things that seem just downright unfair.  But, if we are not careful and learn to properly manage those ‘bumps’, they will cause our hearts to go astray.  I can’t think of one person that I have talked too over the years that found themselves living life lost, angry, discontent, and ‘cold’; that didn’t have a story to tell of pain and suffering.  The unfortunate truth, is that their unhealed grief, caused by unmanaged suffering and pain is what ultimately led to their calloused heart.

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The Calloused Heart – part 3: Good News


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