When all else fails….

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Battle Plans - living whole & healthy

When all else fails….

The other day my wife and I were preparing to attend an after work party with some of my co-workers.  Our host was serving Korean BBQ, so we decided to bring a yummy pot of steamy sticky rice.  The problem we had was that we’ve been using a very small rice cooker for our personal use that made enough for three people and we needed to make rice to serve 15-20.  So, my wife decided to make the sticky rice in a regular large pot, which she had never done before. In the past, much of her rice making had been her ‘own’ recipes. Searching and searching the internet to find that ‘perfect’ sticky rice recipe… but to no avail.  In her frustration, she turned to the bag of rice itself and discovered that the bag had a recipe for ‘sticky rice’ on it already.  So, as a ‘last resort’ she tried it… and yup, you guessed it – the best pot of sticky rice ever!  When she told me, we both laughed! After all the questions, the frustrations, the uncertainties, the best answer was in simply following the directions provided on the bag! When all else fails… read the basic instructions… they usually work!

As we laughed about it, we commented how much like the bible that bag of rice was.  We can search and search all over the place looking for that ‘perfect’ answer to our problems, but too often the right answer is simply found in the ‘basic recipe’ – the Basic Instruction Book for Living on Earth (the bible).  And if we follow it, how it’s written, to our amazement, things will usually work out just fine.


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