The oatmeal-raisin cookie surprise

Posted: April 12, 2011 in Short Stories
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Have you ever found yourself so hungry… even “starving to death”, that you could eat just about anything? I think I was about 13 or so; my mom may differ on the age – I can’t remember exactly how old I was.  Anyway, I can remember one sunny summer’s day, my mom preparing to bake some of my favorite cookies – oatmeal raisin – yum yum!!  Going through the ingredients, we discovered that we were all out of raisins.   I told my mom that I was more than willing go to the store for some.  She gave me some money and off I went.

With four kids in the home, we lived a blessed, but frugal life.  My mom taught me by example what it meant to live careful and sparingly.  I rushed into our local small grocery store, focused and determined to make my mom proud.  As mom would do at times, the first place I stopped to look was the ‘clearance’ shelf and wow wouldn’t you know it… my lucky day.  There were two large boxes of yummy, sun-dried California raisins. – on clearance!  I snapped them up and headed for the cashier.  Oh yea, my mom is gonna love me!  I paid for them, with lots of change left over I might add, and headed home with my treasures!  I do need to tell you that I absolutely love raisins – always have and probably always will!!  As I headed home on my bike with the boxes of ‘nature’s candy’ swinging from my handlebars, I could feel my stomach getting really hungry!  Oh, I could really use some of those raisins right now.  Patiently though, I waited until I got home.  I burst through the door, exited to tell my mom what a great deal I had found.  She was pleased, but by this time, I was starving!  A warrior is usually the first to take a ‘sampling’ of his hard fought booty, right?  So, digging into the bag, I pulled out a box of raisins and ripped open the top to expose the bountiful ‘fruits’ of my labor!  I can remember vividly standing in front of our kitchen sink as I stuck my hand into the box, grabbing a handful of ‘raisins’ and stuffing them into my mouth.  Mmmm…!!!  Simultaneously, as I began to chew, I looked down into the box and to my utter horror and amazement, the raisins were moving… and, I don’t remember raisins being white.  Wait… those aren’t raisins… those are maggots!!  The hand in the box and into the mouth, the glance into the box and the brain registering ‘Houston, we have a problem”, all probably happened within a span of about five seconds. Needless to say, I am so glad I happened to be standing in front of the kitchen sink, because what had just gone into my mouth five seconds earlier was just as rapidly, if not faster, coming right back out!  I won’t try and gross you out (as if you weren’t already) by describing what I saw in the sink, but let’s just say that … well, forget it, reliving this in my mind is already causing me anxiety!  I’ll just finish up my story by simply saying that I don’t specifically remember my mom’s reaction, although, I do know she remembers the ‘incident’, with a smile of course (thanks mom!).  For the longest time, I couldn’t eat raisins, but over time, the harshness of that day slow began to wear off and my love for raisin came back.  Now, you will be happy to know that I actually eat raisins every day… some in my morning oatmeal and some mixed with a handful of almonds for a mid-morning snack.  No nightmares of maggots crawling around where their not supposed to and no colds sweats when I think about what I saw in the box.  Just the sweet bliss of my sun-dried California raisins.  However, I will say that I never start into a box of raisins now without looking first!

  1. Deb says:

    Always look first… Good lesson & geat story… thank you for sharing.

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