Supporting Leadership – who’s the quarterback?

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Captain's Quarters - leadership
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Supporting Leadership – who’s the quarterback?

** During a recent conference, I sat in on a workshop that was taught by Bill Lagerquist, the senior associate pastor at Christian Faith Center in Federal Way, WA.  The workshop was specifically designed to teach on how to support and be a blessing to our Senior Pastors… and not a ‘curse’.  As I sat through the workshop, I saw how these principles were very key to not only my relationship with my senior pastor at church, but also could apply to my relationships with my boss at work, relationships in church ministry – any area of life where there is someone in a position of leadership over me.

Here are the principles:

  • Every member/part of a local church body has the responsibility to support their senior pastor’s vision

–       there can be only one ‘quarterback’.  If I am not being supportive, then I am trying to be a ‘quarterback’ too.

  • The senior pastor sets the course, establishes the vision and has the final word on decisions.
  • My role as an ‘associate’ is to be 100% committed to the senior pastor

Seven ways that I can help my senior pastor do his job with joy:

  1. Learn to have his same heart and spirit – attitude, focus, purpose

–       learn how he thinks (spiritually and personally) and what he likes

–       how? When he speaks, really ‘listen’ to where his passions, priorities, interests and focus is

  1. Be in agreement with his direction and decisions and support them publically and privately.
  2. View the senior pastor as the person placed by God and faithfully submit and serve in that manner. (Col. 3:23-24, Eph. 4:23)
  3. Have an attitude that ‘it doesn’t matter who gets the credit’ – often, the senior pastor will get the ‘credit’ for your work – be okay with that.
  4. Allow yourself to be planted and flourish where you are currently serving.  Don’t view your role or position and just a ‘stepping stone’ to the next higher level of responsibility or else you will not be fully engaged in fulfilling your current responsibilities.
  5. Ensure that my security is placed firmly in my relationship with Christ… not in how much time I spend with the senior pastor.
  6. Honor those things that belong to the senior pastor – his family, his office, his time, his possessions, his hobbies, etc.

–       ask him/others how you can be of help to him

–       pray for him and his family

  1. brian hetzer says:

    A friend of mine made a good comment (via facebook) that I thought valuable insight to the above leadership support principles:

    She wrote: “Brian… football teams honor their quarterback, and defend him not allowing a player from another team to hurt him. How much more should we respect a pastor or boss at work.”

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