Notes and Highlights from Casey Treat/Christian Faith Center – Vision Conference 2011

My wife and I attended the Vision Conference in Tacoma, WA recently.  This is the third one I’ve been too and they all have been like ‘drinking from a fire-hose” – spiritually speaking – life changing!  God always knows exactly what I need, exactly when I need it… and this time was no different!!  Below are my notes from each of the speakers.  There is some really good stuff here!  Happy reading and please let me know if you need more detail, explanation, etc. on something you read, as I’ve tried to be brief.

Pastor Casey Treat – Is God’s Grace Enough for Me?

2 Timothy 1:6

  • Stir up the gift that is within me… for God did not give me a spirit of fear…
  • The longer I live for God – the closer I get to the heart of God, the more I will realize how much I really don’t know… how truly broken I really am

1 John 2:20,27

  • I have an anointing… and I know all things for what God has given me to do
  • God is not “Google Maps” – He will not show me the whole route, picture and plan for the future… the road that lies ahead
  • Know my anointing, gifts and talents… and stay in them – Do Not Wander to things that are not in my ‘portfolio’… stay focused
  • Do not try and be something that I am not

Ephesians 4:7

  • We have all been given grace in different measure according to what God has called me too

1 Corinthians 15:10

  • Grace can come to me in vain – if I don’t choose to accept and walk in it
  • It is by grace that I am what I am
  • Stay in that grace and labor in that grace

Psalm 127:1

  • Unless the Lord builds the house, the labors will work in vain

2 Corinthians 12:9

  • My God’s grace is sufficient (enough) for me and I don’t need anything else
  • I can get off track when I don’t trust that God’s grace is enough for me.  I will try and make my own way – my time, my plan
  • God’s grace is sufficient for my work, my wife, my son, my marriage, my ministry, my health… my life!

Pastor Creflo Dollar – The Motivation of My Heart

A ‘motive’ is a need or a desire that causes someone to act

  • People who have ulterior motives will operate in manipulation
  • Regardless of what others say or see, God looks into my heart and sees the motivation behind what I do

James 4:3

  • Do I give to get or do I give out of love and a desire to bless?
  • I am prosperous when I have the anointing of God on my life.  I am whole and complete; not lacking in anything.
  • Healing comes when my motives are pure

Jeremiah 23:26 & Matthew 11:28

  • God’s plan and calling should not be a burden if His anointing is on me (I am where I am supposed to be at the right time)
  • I should be content and satisfied with my ‘portion’ – that which God has called me for each season of my life – for that is where the anointing lies

Romans 12:1

  • Changing the motivations of my heart requires a relationship with Jesus and the choice to start renewing my mind!
  • Set my mind to do what the Bible says (just reading the Bible alone won’t renew my mind… I have to choose to do what it says)
  • I continue in the path of renewing my mind through ‘faithfulness’ – consistent daily choices to do the ‘right things’
  • When life sometimes get ‘slow’ and nothing ‘exciting’ seems to be happening, I need to be okay with where I am… Let God find me doing what it is He last gave me to do!

Pastor Wendy Treat – Tips for Consistent, Long Term Healthy Ministry

Ephesians 4:1

  • Walk worthy of the call of Christ… in every area of my life… in my work, my home, my hobbies, my alone time with Jesus, with my wife, with my son… every area!

Ephesians 5:1

  • Be a follower of God as dear children…
  • I need to know Him in order to follow Him
  • I do this through the study of His Word (The Bible) and prayer

Ephesians 3:13

  • Do not lose heart
  • In the battles of this life, determine not to give up
  • We live in a corrupt world – bad things happen – don’t be surprised
  • Through it all – stay a ‘prisoner’ of God… a bondservant of Jesus

2 Corinthians 8 & Colossians 2:23-24

  • Work Hard in all that I do

Serve others with great love!

  • Determine to ‘like’ all people
  • Put my insecurities aside and serve people
  • Live a life alive to God and dead to sin

Live as a temple of the Holy Spirit (in a healthy, God honoring manner)

  • Do I ‘worship’ myself?
  • Am I ‘extreme’ in my pursuit of getting and staying healthy?
  • Am I consumed with myself?

1 Thessalonians 5:17

  • Be a person of Prayer

Pastor Jentezen Franklin – Don’t Lose Hope for the Future

  • If there is no hope for tomorrow, there is no power in the present
  • If the enemy can destroy a person’s dreams, goals and visions, they will lose heart and begin to fade out.
  • There is nothing more dangerous than a ‘dreamless’ life

Life’s Dream Destroyers

Temporary Circumstances

  • Don’t let my present situation, circumstance or ‘season’ kill my dreams and hopes for the future

Divine Delays

  • We are ‘microwave’ people serving a ‘crock-pot’ God
  • Often times, those ‘delays’ we see are because God is preparing us for what is coming – we are not yet ready

Fatal Evidence

  • When it is God that has birthed a dream, no one (not even the devil) can kill it… regardless of what we may see going on around us

There are three stages to dreams

  1. The Birth – the initial ‘life’ of the dream – thoughts, visions, goals, etc.
  2. The Death – suddenly the progression and movement of the ‘dream’ seems to make a sometimes sudden stop and we often wonder what happened.
  3. The Resurrection – in God’s perfect time and according to His plan, He brings the dream back – usually in such a way that makes us stand in ‘awe’ of our Great God!!

Pastor Jeffery Rachmat – Understanding the Night

  • The Word of God doesn’t change my circumstances, but it will change my perspective
  • My refusal to accept God’s plan/reality for my life will cause me problems
  • I need to learn to enjoy the ‘night’ times as much as I enjoy the ‘day’ times

John 10:9-11 & Mark 4:26-29

  • Growth happens the most during the ‘night’ times
  • While we are resting, God works in our behalf… healing us, growing us, teaching us, strengthening us, preparing us…

1 Corinthians 3:6-9 & Matthew 11:28

  • I must work the ‘day’ in order for the ‘night’ to be productive

John 9:4

  • My rest is my weapon
  • Trusting in Jesus requires me to ‘rest’ in Him (difficult for many of us to do)
  • When I’ve worked the day and life gets hard; sometimes causing me dreams and hopes to take a beating, ‘sleep’ and ‘rest’ give me an opportunity to dream again.
  • We have planted good ‘seeds’ during our ‘day’ time, now it’s time to rest, trust and watch God work on my behalf!

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