Is Jesus in my Contacts List?


I was really enjoying my time off work the other day!  I was in ‘list’ mode as I left the store – wanting to accomplish and ‘check-off’ everything on my ‘to do’ list for the day.  I just love it when I can get to the end of the day, look at my ‘list’ and see that everything is checked off!! Can anyone relate? I was in ‘overdrive’ going from place to place, phone call to phone call… checking off my ‘to do’s’ as I went – I was feeling pretty good as my list was getting smaller and smaller.  As I pulled out of the parking lot, I thought to myself, “Ok, who’s next to call on my list?”  (Yes – I was using my hands-free device).  My thoughts immediately went to my cell phone contact list… “Is there anyone I need to call?”  The next thought that came to my mind made me laugh – “Am I in your Contacts List?”  I chuckled as I thought, “Lord, is that you?  You sure have a funny way of reminding me that I haven’t spent much time with you today.” Ok – I get the hint.

I thought about that ‘encounter’ off and on the rest of the day and how true it is.  We all have our ‘contact list’ of important people in our lives and their phone numbers we want to remember.   In addition, many of us even have a ‘Favorites’ list.  Those people we contact the most and want their phone numbers readily accessible.  I asked myself the question, “Is Jesus on my Favorites list?” Do I talk with Him at least as much as I do those on my ‘A’ list?  Obviously He doesn’t have an actual phone number (although wouldn’t it be cool if He did?), but is there a good lesson in who I consider “important” enough to put on my ‘most frequently called’ list?  I believe He most definitely wants to be on that list.

  1. wow … very interesting your writing reminds me about my situation after reading it. Please note that I was too busy so often forget Jesus is present in my life. Thank you friend for life lesson today. God Bless you

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