Every felt the ‘odds’ were stacked against you?  It maybe finances… or relational… or maybe a goal you have that seems daunting and overwhelming – seemingly impossible?  You know you have it in you to accomplish something, but people or the ‘voices in your head’ tell you that you can’t do it – it’s impossible, you’re too small… too big… not smart enough… not whatever… Check out this short video.  May this young man’s drive, tenacity and determination be an encouragement to us all.  I can’t help but ask myself the question – Does God allow ‘disabilities’, personal ‘limitations’ and seemingly unsurmountable obstacles to teach us all the value of determination, focus, hope, dreams, goals and vision?  Enjoy~


Totally awesome video. I have been feeling God can’t use me because I am so sickly. As a Youth Pastor said, we are all called and God is not done with us until we take our last breath.
So apparently God is not finished with me yet, I am still breathing.
I had this on an e-mail, adversity is often God’s manure for spiritual callings. Maure makes things grow so does adversity. Something to ponder.  Rhonda

Response –

Hey Rhonda – thank you for your response. Very good words! It has always amazed me the special things God does in and through people who have ‘limitations’ or disabilities. You’ve got to wonder that if those things were not the ‘fault’ of the people and we have a loving and kind Father, then those issues must somehow be part of His great plan. Hang in their Rhonda! I think you are doing well! Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Gal. 6:9 – Brian



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