Homeless, Hungry & Alone… chapter 9

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Homeless, Hungry & Alone...
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Chapter 9

Fast – Day 20

Wow – I was really tired!  I crashed hard when I got into my tent last night and even when my alarm went off, I slept some more.  So tired that I was oblivious to the frigid cold temperatures. It made me think about people who are found frozen to death on the streets of our great nation.  It has boggled my mind often as to how someone can actually freeze to death.  I mean, one would think that if your body started getting cold enough to ‘freeze’, it would ‘wake you up’ – cause your senses to do something… like ‘freak out’!  But looking at the ‘big picture’, I think I can see how other factors can really diminish the body/mind’s reaction to the cold.  Some of these are:

  1. Extreme exhaustion
  2. Heavy drug and/or alcohol use
  3. Severe mental illness/delusions

Any of these can cause the body’s senses to be ‘numb’ to the fact that it is in dire straights and about to literally freeze to death.  A scary thought!  I remember in Yakima how for years, consistently, winter after winter, people were freezing to death on the streets.  When the churches, recognizing the need to do something about it, stepped up, came together and petitioned the city of Yakima for permission to house the homeless in the church buildings overnight during the winter – it was the first time in years that someone did not die on the streets during the winter!  Truly amazing how churches came together to save lives!  I do believe God was pleased!!


On the way to work this morning, I spent most of the time just ‘singing a new song to the Lord’ and worshipping Him for who He is.  I loved it!  It felt great just being free in my spirit to sing whatever came to mind… and I’m really glad none of you were there with me – I think I have a voice that only God could love J

Psalm 75

6 No one from the east or the west or the desert can judge you. 7 God is the judge

10 He will take all power away from the wicked, but the power of good people will grow

Psalm 76

12 God breaks the spirits of great leaders;


During my lunch hour today, I wrote a blog called ‘Crumbs…based upon Matthew 15:21-28. This story is absolutely incredible!  A Canaanite woman comes to Jesus to ask for healing for her daughter. First ignores her (Canaanites were culturally considered ‘low’ and didn’t speak with Jews).   Then, even after comparing her to a ‘dog’ – she was not put off – she still doesn’t give up.  She was persistent!   Her statement about not caring about where she was on the ‘food chain’ – she would even take Jesus’ ’ ‘leftovers’ or ‘crumbs’ – Jesus recognized her as one having great faith and then healed her daughter. So, how desperate and persistent am I for the things of God?  When I pray… and don’t get an answer, do I give up or do I continue to press in?  Sometimes, I wonder if one of the reasons why God doesn’t answer my prayers “right away” is that He is waiting to see how desperate and persistent I am… how bad do I want it?  Notice, it was only after the woman displayed her ‘great faith’ before Jesus, did He heal her daughter.

Lord, I will just take your ‘crumbs’ for they alone are enough for me!


Being the last night out here, I’ve been thinking that I am going to sleep ‘outside’ of my sleeping bag (inside my tent though).  I will try and dress warm and last as long as I can.  I am doing this as people might who don’t have the blessing of a nice warm sleeping bag.  The forecast is about 30F tonight! Oh Lord help me!


A little ditty that came to me today:

Jesus, I need you

Jesus, I want you

I know I just can’t live without you

‘cus you are all I need.

Jesus my healer

Jesus my provider

You are my comforter

You lift me higher

It only seems like yesterday

When I cried out to You

You reached down your hand and rescued me

It was happiness I wanted

Realized it was you I really needed

You are so amazing!


Lord, what will you bring me – what will be the ‘final hoorah’ tonight and tomorrow as “Raise Your Tents’ comes to a close and the fast ends?  I wait in great anticipation!


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