Homeless, Hungry & Alone… chapter 8

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Homeless, Hungry & Alone...
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Chapter 8

Fast – Day 18

Spent a nice evening with my wife.  We haven’t seen much of each other in a few days, so we decided to do something a little spontaneous and fun. We went to the Red Lion on the river.  The plan was to go get her some dinner (I’d drink some yummy warm tea), spend a little time together and then I’d take off from there to the ‘campsite’. So, I was dressed ready for the night – bundled up – sweatpants and shirts, gloves, beanie, etc. – but nothing color matched – my main priority was warmth, not fashion. The humor in the whole thing was that my wife was dressed very nice; so it looked like she had just picked up some ‘homeless’ guy off the street and was taking him to get something to eat!  Well, actually, she was… it just happened to be her husband J We got some funny looks walking into the Red Lion.  I could just imagine people thinking “Wow – either she is really nice or he’s got something we don’t know about – ‘cus she’s really pretty and he looks like a bum!”

My wife ate some dinner and I enjoyed some warm tea.  We shared some on what God is doing in us, teaching us, etc.  I really enjoy my wife’s company – beautiful, smart, funny and loves the Lord.  Can’t get much better!  Before we had left home tonight, she helped me get ready for the cold night ahead (ie. around 30F) – thermos full of hot broth, put my clothing in the dryer to heat them up, words of encouragement and lots of love!  I so greatly appreciate her!  Every ‘homeless’ person needs a ‘Debra’ – someone to come up along side during “difficult” times to offer encouragement, love, support and a helping hand when needed.  God is doing some very cool stuff in both of us – different paths – but very cool for where we are individually before Him.

It was 27F and a layer of frost on the inside of my tent when I woke up this morning!  Very cold, but also very thankful for again the nice warm thermos of vegetable broth my wife made!  It’s hard for me to imagine people who live like this day in and day out.  Even the small experiences I am having is enough to greatly increase my empathy and compassion for people in this situation. I keep thinking – what is being done to help and how can I be a part? It is interesting how in Job 24 & 25, Job defines an ‘evil’ person. Most of his descriptions and examples are people who mistreat the poor, take advantage of the widows and don’t do anything to help those who are homeless and naked.  Whew! May I never be considered an ‘evil’ person!

Lord, again, thank you for allowing me this experience of living ‘homeless’ even if it’s just for a short time.  I know it is for a reason and a purpose.  So, I submit that to you Lord.  You have and continue to build a great compassion for the homeless in my heart.  What can I do to help in this new community you have placed me?  Where can I get involved to help in something that is already going or what would you have me to start?  Lord, I want to be where you want me, so I wait for you.  Your Word says, “Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.” Amen!

God knows every way I go

So, when I am done being tested, I know I will come out like gold. Job 25


Three more nights left of “Raise Your Tents” – Lord what will you show me tomorrow?

Fast – Day 19

I woke up this morning; it was 26F, but I was feeling very refreshed, encouraged and ready for this great day (that the Lord has made).   Although, with the fast, it’s been about 16 days since I’ve eaten anything solid, I feel focused and ‘alive’ this morning!  It’s amazing how fasting just slows my world down.  Many things that seemed important before, no longer seem so urgent and those things that I can sometimes put on the ‘backburner” are thrust to the forefront of importance.  In essence, God really uses fasting to do some needed ‘spring cleaning’ and rearranging of my priorities.  I journaled this awhile ago, but it’s worth mentioning again.  In regards to re-arranging my priorities, God told me:

Brian, your future success is not so dependant upon you pursuing your own goals or developing your own skills, but rather, your future success is more dependant upon you developing a stronger, healthier relationship with Me and pursuing those things that I consider important.

How do you argue with that?  You can’t!


Matthew 14:27 (Jesus & Peter walking on water) –

Jesus quickly spoke to them, “Have courage.  It is I.  Do not be afraid.”

Matthew 14:36

They begged Jesus to let them touch just the edge of his cloak, and all who touched Him were healed.

I love this verse because it describes the simplicity of coming to Jesus.  It’s not complicated, difficult or needing to jump through ‘hoops’.  They simply ‘touched the edge of his cloak’ and were healed.  That’s how simple faith is.  I think we are the ones who make it so complicated.


My 15 year old son Logan surprised me this evening!  When I picked him up from driving school, upon getting in the car, he immediately told me that the book that I gave him to read (In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day) had some “good life application points.”  He continued to tell me that in his class this evening, when the instructor started asking questions, he chose not to be “quiet and shy”, but to speak up and answer. He normally is fairly quiet, but had remembered what this book was about (chasing your ‘lion” and not running away – having the courage to face the challenges that come).  What the students didn’t know was that he was grading everyone on their responses and participation.  Because Logan chose not to just sit there and be quiet, he actually was one of the top three scorers in the class.  On Monday, there is a special thing happening for those three!  Praise God!  I am very proud of him! Hopefully, this helped him to realize that maybe Dad does know what he is talking about… sometimes J

My wife has been such a ‘trooper’ through out this fast and ‘Raise Your Tents’. She has been helping me tremendously each night get ready to sleep in the tent and for the next day of work – doing whatever she can to help me try and stay warm.  She puts my sweatshirt, hats, gloves and pillows in the dryer to warm them up prior to me leaving – fills my thermos with hot broth to warm my inside and gives me a warm ‘to go’ cup of broth to drink on my way there. Then, I leave and she spends the night alone.  Selflessly, she is helping me – even when I know she’d rather have me stay at home.  She is making the sacrifice because she knows this is important to me.  Thank you Debra!  I love you!!


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