This is an incredible story from some dear friends of ours. Thank you Brandon and Elaine for allowing your story to be shared in a way that will surely bless, encourage and strengthen others.  May the Lord continue to bless you as you travel on this journey together!


B (Brandon) and I have known since we were six weeks pregnant that we were expecting two babies, but with the possibility that one of them might not make it, we were advised by our doctor to not tell anyone and to wait and see at our next ultrasound. B and I were shocked and in awe at the news and both of us prayed that we would get to keep both. That both babies would continue to grow and develop. We were afraid to really celebrate the miracle because we weren’t sure if it would last. At the next appt, I was so nervous of only seeing one that when we saw both babies, we were again in shock and in awe at God’s choice.

Many of you may wonder or ask if it was  because of the fertility drugs I was taking and yes, it may have played a part. The specific ones I was on, increases your chances of twins by 5% – which is really small odds. We choose to believe that the Lord wanted to bless us with two.

I feel overwhelmingly blessed that the Creator of the Universe, the Creator of you and I, would choose to bless me with not only 1 child, but two?! I am humbled that He would choose to give B and I the responsibility and joy of raising two of His children. I praise Him for His choice, His timing and His plan for us. (No wonder we had two closets in our guest bedroom all this time, hahaha.)

Going on this journey through life with Him is at times daunting, challenging, hard and difficult, BUT the things He teaches me, the intimacy I gain with Him makes it all worth it.
Hebrews 10:36 You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.
I am finally learning, accepting and rejoicing in the fact that God’s plans for me are not for me to live an easy, comfortable and Elaine-focused life. His plan is for me to be Him-focused, to ego through trying times and to learn to trust Him for provision. This has not be an easy lesson to learn, but denying myself to follow Him has so many incredible rewards. Waiting on Him is worth it all!

…. the rest of the story….

What’s incredible is a few months before our trip to Orlando (Jan/Feb), we were debating about whether we should go or not. We knew infertility wasn’t covered by insurance, so we didn’t know if we should spend the money to go on the trip or save for our infertility appts (they may cost a lot depending on what choices we had to make.) The Lord encouraged us to go and I even asked him to not have us get pregnant before we went because I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the rides while we were there. I didn’t get pregnant and we had a blast. As soon as we got back, we conceived, I love His timing!

Full of HOPE for the future!

Elaine Jones


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