Our Maui Adventure

I wanted to really surprise my wife for her birthday this year.  So, while at work, I texted her ‘I have a surprise for you – 96761 – that’s your clue.’  It took a few hours and lots of questions before she ended up “Googling” the number.  “Brian, all that came up was Lahaina, Maui – I don’t get it….. oh, wait, are we going to Maui??”  And so the adventure began!!  We had lots of people asking us for pictures, so we did that and made a video of our trip (with music).  By the end of the week, my wife told me that it was the best vacation she’s ever had… score!!  Enjoy our video below…

  1. Debra says:

    yippee!!! We had lots of fun creating this video. Hope everyone likes it!! Maui was AWESOME, I pray everyone gets a chance to visit. I have an awesome husband and we had SOOO much fun!! I love you Brian and thank God for you!

  2. Louis & Kay O'Conner says:

    WOW, Brian and Debra, what a interesting video you made!! Thanks, it was awsome. We really enjoyed it. Glad you had fun and it looks like you spent a marvelous time together. We went on a 14 day Hawaiian Cruise from LA (10/13 – 10/27) (it was our 2nd Hawaiian cruise) and 2 weeks later a week to CT to see my son and grandaughter. But it was a nightmare when we came home with tons of emails (1000 & 600).

    Thanks for sharing your video with us. God bless.

    Louis and Kay

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