The Rescue

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Inspirational Video Archives

This video has been watched almost 15 million times!  Chances are you may have seen it already, but a video like this is always worth a second, third, fourth watch – it’s that gripping!  It was originally put on by and for youth and young adults, but the message is powerful across all ages. Please watch and read below….

How has this video grabbed you?  What part, element, visual representation really resonated within you?  Maybe you’ve had life experiences that in some fashion resembles this story.  Or maybe you’ve never looked at Jesus or temptation in this way.   I’d love to read your feedback/story.

Here are a few of my own thoughts on the video:

I can relate totally to this skit.  I committed my life to follow Jesus when I was in my youth and after I left home, was also drawn away by things that seemed appetizing, culturally acceptable and pleasing to my senses.  Fourteen years later after leaving home, reality came knocking hard – I wasn’t handling my life as well as I had thought I was.  Through some very difficult and challenging times, I went in search of the relationship with God I obviously had left many years before.   Watching this video also reminds me that the whole time I had walked away, Jesus had not given up on me.  He was there the whole time trying to draw me back.  Then, He stepped in and saved me when I needed it the most!


  1. brian hetzer says:

    Debra says:
    October 13, 2010 at 2:59 pm (Edit)

    As you know this is one of my favorite skits, absolutely love it!! I would love to do sometime with youth. Who knows, maybe someday.

    Yes, I can relate… The part that is most powerful for me is when she is feels the pull back to Jesus and all the evil minions won’t let her get past. It tetters on violence, and shows the true struggle we face in that position. I wasn’t raised knowing God or Jesus. So much of my life I wandered blindly. I had all kinds of those temptations and influences daily.

    After giving my life to the Lord, I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t get plugged into any church or group. My whole life had been living in and for the world. My whole family was the same way. So it didn’t take long to return to that vomit (so-to-speak), Yikes!!

    But Jesus was there always. I could feel him, but it took awhile to really recognize because I didn’t know or understand true love. I know I am the woman at the well. Jesus went out of his way to meet me just where I was on just an average normal day. Once He “re” introduced Himself saying I love you, it doesn’t have to be this way, I am living water and will give you My peace… please come back. The enemy didn’t cordially open the door for me and say, oh yes dear, you just go on back. No argument from me. Oh no, he put out the artillery and started tempting and really beating me up. It was the first real spiritual warfare I’d experienced.

    Praise God when I stopped fighting the enemy by my own strength and finally surrendered to the power of Jesus Christ, that’s I fell on my face and He came in and protected me from the devil. He did just that, picked me up, dusted me off, he forgave me and made me white as snow. Best part; He dances with me, in circles, daily! Ohhh Abba Father… Daddy. We truly serve a wonderful loving awesome mighty God, Amen!

    Thanks for the post, YOU are awesome!

    Jeff says:
    October 13, 2010 at 8:19 pm (Edit)
    That is an awesome video. I wasn’t raised in the church and didn’t even know the Lord until I was 26 (so I didn’t help your situation Brian). But the video reminds me that we can often get caught up in things that may not be as dramatic as in the skit and still feel the tugging. It is like we become the rope that those minions and God are playing tug-of-war with.
    You put it well, when we give ourselves to Jesus, and let Him be strong when we are weak, things go so much better.

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