From Megan –

In the 18th week of our pregnancy, we went to our appointment to determine the sex of our new baby, Avery.  During the ultrasound they discovered a cystic hygroma (which I had never heard of) covering her neck and back.  They told me that this could potentially be a big problem. The next day, I had an amnio, and the results came back as Turner’s Syndrome (also never heard of). As the outlook continued to get worse, all I could do at that point was go in every 2 weeks to see if her heart was even still beating.  The doctors weren’t giving her much hope of survival – giving her about a 1% chance of making it. However, as tons of people were praying for us, miraculously, the hygroma began to shrink!

Avery was born via c-section on June 9, 2009, and immediately testing was begun for further defects. As I was recovering (even before I was able to hold her), the doctors told me that she did have the associated TS heart defects, aortic stenosis and coarctation.  She had to be transported to the children’s hospital, where she had closed heart surgery at one week old. Other defects began to worsened around 6 months forcing us to go to NYC for open heart surgery. Since then, she has been doing awesome and continues to meet all of her progress milestones! Avery is small and the Turner Syndrome has affected her kidneys as well, but right now, she’s not having too many complications with that.  It just makes her progress and caring for her a little more risky and challenging.

Praise God for His love for us and His continual faithfulness even during difficult times!


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