A lesson at the ‘throne’

Posted: September 13, 2010 in Captain's Quarters - leadership
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Six years ago when God called me to take a huge step of faith and leave my job, I had no idea what I was going to do or where He was taking me.  All I knew was that I was to leave.  At the time I quit, I had been serving in a volunteer leadership role at my church in the area of outreach.  However, it was then that the “real” adventures started.   I see now that there were things I needed to do, things I needed to learn and people I needed to connect with.  These could not have happened if I had stayed working at my previous job.

A couple of months after I left my job, I was hired part-time by my church as member of their janitorial team.   One day, not long after I had started, I was in the men’s bathroom, on my hands and knees scrubbing one of the toilets, when God spoke clearly to my spirit – “Those who wish to lead, must first learn to serve.” I can remember stopping for a few moments, meditating on those words and then chuckling to myself – Lord, you would have to say that when I’m scrubbing a toilet!  But I knew that God timing is always perfect and there was some significance to the “toilet”. It so affected me, I can still remember exactly where I was – exactly what toilet stall I was in.   It was then that I knew God was calling me into ministry leadership.

Since that day, my journey did take me into ministry leadership as an Outreach Director at my church and I also worked toward becoming a licensed pastor.  It has been an incredible journey, filled with many mountain top and valley experiences both.  I’ve had the awesome pleasure of serving alongside some incredible people and being under the teaching leadership of an amazing senior pastor.   The Lord has used me to help many people and I’ve had the blessing of leading some to Christ. But, it all started that day in the men’s room, scrubbing the toilet and receiving a message from the Lord that would change my life.  For you see, that brief message spoken into my spirit taught me the importance of servant leadership and leading by example.   I’ve learned that my role as a leader is to serve those God has placed under me – not to rule over them, but to serve them, lift them up and help them be all that God has created them to be.  That is a leader – at least a good one in God’s eyes.  And for me, that’s the most important person to please.  Being a leader is not about making myself look good or building my own “empire” or creating job security for myself – especially at the expense of others.  And my purpose as a leader is not necessarily to “win”, but rather  focus on being faithful – to God and to those He put under me to lead.  The rest will come on it’s own (Matt. 6:33).  If I can help others be successful, I’m being a servant leader and over the long run,  it creates an incredible pyramid effect!

Lead On!



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